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Got something that’s too big, too heavy, or too weird to put in a box and send via FedEx, UPS, or US Mail? Don’t worry—we can ship anything, anywhere (as long as it’s legal). We specialize in freight, LTL (less than a full truckload), and air cargo shipping. We can ship: furniture, including estates, antiques, cars and motorcycles, heavy equipment, trade show exhibits, large artwork, computer...

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Westminster Shipping offers top rated and professional Shipping in Westminster. [Read More]

  • Shipping:
    Professional Packing, Domestic & International Shipping, US Postal Products & Services, Packaging Supplies, Fax Services, Notary Service, Freight & Air Cargo, Mailbox Rental, Custom Box Making & Crating, Rubber Stamps, Mailing Services
  • Specialties:
    Small Freight Shipments
  • Top Brands:
    FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, Greyhound, LTL Freight

Shipping Tips

Shipping Tips

Westminster Shipping provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Shipping ]

Westminster Shipping | Professional Packing, Domestic & International Shipping and More!

When seeking a company to meet your shipping needs, Westminster Shipping has the criteria that most customers are seeking. Finding a company that meets the customer's specific shipping needs, as well as providing friendly, efficient service is something that each customer wants and needs when entrusting their goods with a company.

A good shipping company sets out to solve its customers' shipping needs before those needs even arise. Heading off problems before they reach a pass is part of the Westminster Shipping philosophy and its mission. Figuring out the logistics of complex shipping situations is a critical part of any shipping business.

Customers won't need to worry about locating their goods or any lag in reaching their final destination. By giving customers the confidence that their products will reach their destination without complications is a great comfort. The value of trust between a shipper and its customers is immeasurable in forming an ongoing, as well as mutually beneficial business relationship for many years to come, and Westminster Shipping understands this.

With innovations in online services and mobile phone applications, the future of shipping can help to save costs for the company as well as the customer. These technological boons will also help to ensure speedier service when shipping. The customer can instantly know the location of their package by simply checking their account online or on their smartphone.

Customers also don't need to worry about having supplies on hand since Westminster Shipping can help with all shipping supply needs such as boxes, envelopes, tape, shipping labels, and packing tape. It's just a matter of calling the company or placing an order online and having the package ready to go. Once the customer has released the package, they can be sure that it will reach its destination on time.